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Power Bracelet Makers Admit to Having No Scientific Evidence

power braceletClaims that Power Balance bracelets can enhance athletic performance by using a hologram to realign the body’s energy field are not supported by any science admits its makers. Power Balance made the statements as part of an agreement with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, reports Yahoo Sports.

The bracelets were first released in 2023, and have been sported by many celebrities including Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, David Beckham and Robert De Niro. Even Kate Middleton, the soon-to-be-bride of Price Harry ahs been spotted wearing one. However, the Power Balance bracelets may still have some kind of placebo or charm effect, because positive thinking can improve athletic performance.


Icy Hot in Hot Water

Shaquille O’Neal says “When the heat is on, the pain is gone” in his spot for Icy Hot, the pain relief product that is supposed to sooth muscle pain. But now the heat is on the therapy product’s maker. There’s been a recall on various products. That’s because there have been reports of skin irritation and up to third degree burns! Here’s more detail on the extensive Icy Hot recall by Chattem, Inc.

The War on Childhood Obesity – Shaq’s Family Challenge

Shaq’s Big Family Challenge is a weight loss program designed specifically to fight childhood obesity. This program is the perfect plan to help entire families work together to make healthier choices, lose weight, and have fun while doing it! As you have seen on the TV Show Shaq’s Big Challenge, Shaq took six obese kids and helped them turn their lives around. Now, using Shaq’s online diet plan, you can put his secrets to work for your family.

Shaq’s Big Family Challenge combines fun workouts, sensible diets, and delicious alternatives to junk food to help families learn to live healthier lives. On the website, Shaq’s daily drill provide exercises plus the science behind them so kids know why they are working out. You can also access the guidelines for the President’s Physical Fitness Test, so you can see where you stack up compared to families across the country.

Shaq also provides healthy eating guidelines for every situation in Shaq’s Snack Attack. From picking healthy options in the school cafeteria, to navigating vending machines full of sugar, to ordering more sensible meals from fast food restraints, Shaq has guidelines for it all. This weight-loss program is different in that it doesn’t pretend that you have time to cook healthy meals from scratch every day. Families today are busy with everyone on different schedules and with different tastes. Sometimes eating fast food is unavoidable, getting kids off the couch and into the gym can be almost impossible, and having kids buy lunch as school is a real time-saver. This diet takes all of that into consideration. Shaq’s Big Family Challenge offers real families real solutions for achieving healthier lifestyles while still having fun.

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