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The Ultimate Paleo Grocery List: Prepping Your Paleo Meals Made Easy

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If you’re following the Paleo diet you already know that grocery shopping and meal planning are going to be key to your weight loss success.

The Paleo diet, also known as the Caveman Diet, only permits foods that were available and consumed 10,000 years ago, during the Paleolithic era. Because there was no agriculture at this time, the Paleo diet prohibits most foods people rely on – and in some cases, eat exclusively – in today’s society, like grains, sugar and dairy. Simply put: if a you couldn’t eat it as a caveman, you can’t eat it on Paleo.

Ok, to do the diet you’re going to need to know more than that. We’ve got you covered.


Amazon Fresh’s Grocery Delivery Needs Some Work

Amazon has come a long way over the years and has certainly changed the way consumers shop. And with their recent launch of Amazon Fresh, they are slowly attempting to tackle the online grocery shopping industry as well.

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For the past five years the service has been available only in Seattle, where Amazon  launched the pilot grocery project and tried to work out the kinks. To be fair, this is one of the longest-running tests in tech history. But based on recent reviews about its newest expansions to Los Angeles and San Francisco, it sounds like maybe they should have kept trouble-shooting for a little bit longer.


Top 10 Foods for the Mediterranean Grocery List

Alison Lewis is a nationally known Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, Television and Social Media Food Spokesperson, Nutritionist, Food Educator, and Owner of Ingredients, Inc., a Food Consulting company in Birmingham, Alabama. She is known for creating healthy, family-friendly recipes that are easy to prepare and sharing information about healthy living on her blog, ingredientsinc.net.

As a nutritionist, I have been a fan of the Mediterranean Diet for years. I try to incorporate the key components of the diet such as exercise, limiting red meat, eating more fish, consuming more plant based foods and enjoying meals with family and friends. I became even more of a believer recently when I traveled to Italy for seven days, didn’t exercise, ate a ton, and actually lost weight.

Craig Rich, a board certified internal medicine doctor says, “I recommend the Mediterranean diet to the majority of my patients because it’s lower in saturated fat and has been said to reduce risks of cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. New research also suggests that this diet can even help keep your brain healthy. What I honestly like about the diet, is that most people can really stick to it without a lot of effort.”


Pay with Cash to Stick to a Healthy Grocery List

For years, we’ve heard that the way to stick to a budget at the grocery store is to avoid paying with credit and go to a cash only system. Now, a new study has shown that paying for groceries with cash may be good for the waistline as well.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Consumer Research,  found that shoppers were more likely to buy items considered “unhealthy” when they paid with credit or debit cards than if they paid with cash. You might think that a person who paid with a debit card would be as conscious of spending as a person with cash, due to the fact that a debit card drafts money from your account immediately. The study showed the opposite, even when the subjects completed their shopping in a computer simulated task.

When you are trying to eat healthy, sticking to a budget and a well planned out grocery list can be one of your greatest tools. Grocery stores are designed to part you from your money, and the areas that are on eye level are often full of the foods that are the least diet-friendly. Companies often pay extra for the “prime real estate” and they place the foods with the greatest income potential in those sections.


Shopping Smartly

We all know that one of the gravest diet sabotages we can commit is to go into a grocery store with our stomach’s growling. Everything from boxes of sugary cereals to the fresh-baked muffins in the bakery department mysteriously land in our grocery carts. One way to prevent this is to eat a little something before you go so you’re not pushing two carts full of food by the time you reach the check-out lines. Another surefire method to prevent impulse buying is to create a shopping list before you go and stick to it as you meander in and out of aisles.

If you have a shopping list of danger-free and healthy foods you’d like to share, let us know!