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10 Tips for Late Night Snacking

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows the struggle that one faces when it comes to late night snacking. It’s easy to stay busy during the day, but it seems like once the sky darkens and much of the family goes to bed, snacks come to the forefront of your mind. Even if you go to bed, you might very well find yourself laying awake, daydreaming about the chocolate cake left over from the birthday party. What you do with these cravings can be the “make or break” point of your diet success. Here are some tried and true diet tips to help you get past this hurdle:

  • Don’t leave the cake on the counter. It sounds simple, but we often overlook the simple things. Throw the cake in the garbage. If you think you’ll still find yourself tempted, bury that cake down deep. Pour some salt on it while you are at it. Destroy it so that you aren’t tempted to munch on a snack that could undo all of your hard work in two minutes.


Health Buzz: Dangers of Sleep Eating, HFCS’s New Name and What Embarrasses a Biggest Loser

This week’s hot health buzz from DietsInReview.com:

HFCS: Changing the Name Doesn’t Change the Products

The Corn Refiners Association thinks that high fructose corn syrup has gotten a bad rap. Some would say deservedly so, considering the 20% decrease in consumer consumption. They’ve applied to have the name changed to “corn sugar.”

What is Sleep Eating?

Sleep walking itself is dangerous, but when it’s coupled with unconscious mid-night eating, it can have unhealthy repercussions.

Healthier Beer Choices for Oktoberfest

This week the Oktoberfest celebrations kick off in Germany and the shots, if you will, can be heard around the world. See our picks for delicious beers that are also not as heavy on the calories.

Dr. Oz’s Just Ten Pounds Weight Loss Challenge
Earlier this week, Dr. Oz announced his “Just 10 Pounds” weight loss challenge. Even if you need to lose more than 10 pounds, setting a small goal will help you get there.

Jillian Michaels Wants Healthier School Lunches
In a personal letter to Congress that she’s shared with the public, Jillian wants to see our kids being fed more nutritional fare, and she wants the government to do something about it.


What is Sleep Eating?

Also sometimes called sleep-related eating (disorder), nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder (NS-RED), or sleep-eating syndrome, sleep eating is a rare and dangerous sleep disorder (not an eating disorder) that affects up to three percent of the population. There can be comorbidity with eating disorders; however, ten to 15 percent of those that suffer from eating disorders also experience sleep eating.

Sleep eating is classified by episodes of sleep walking during which one eats. Often the foods eaten during sleep are high in sugar or high in fat. Non-food items (such as soap) or odd combinations (such as raw bacon covered in mayonnaise) have also been reported as eaten during episodes of sleep eating. The sleep eater often awakes in the morning with no memory of the event.

There are several dangers associated with sleep eating. Sleep walking of any kind poses the risk of self-injury from running into things, falling down stairs, etc. Those that are sleep eating are at risk of injury from eating uncooked food or non-food items, choking, using knives, and even cooking while sleeping, and starting a fire. In addition, sleep eating also carries the same risks as binge eating, such as weight gain and increased risk of diabetes. (more…)