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As Seen on TV Fitness Products Review

We’ve seen them on those late nights when zoning out in front of the television is more appealing than going to bed. Whether it’s a device to tone your abs or boost your biceps, the infomercials for at-home fitness products have a fascinating appeal to them, which is why 20 minutes later, you can still find yourself watching the same ad and then picking up your cell phone or popping on the computer to order it and cash in on the “act now” savings.

If all of those fitness products seem to look like one another, we’re going to help you sort through the sometimes drowning waters of the exercise industry.

Here is a list of the six most popular As Seen on TV fitness products and a summary of each.


What are Electronic Muscle Stimulators

the flex beltIf you watch television in the wee hours of the night or morning, you have probably come across the infomercials for electronic muscle stimulators like The Flex Belt or the Slendertone.

So just what are these fitness devices that combine technology with exercise?

Electronic muscle stimulators (EMS) are actually much older than you might think. The concept was developed back in the eighteenth century as a way to stimulate changes in the muscle for therapuetic medical reasons. EMS devices work by training the muscle fibers via electrical impulses that evoke the contraction and release response in the muscle.