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Win a Copy of The New Sonoma Diet

When we hear the word Sonoma, what comes to mind are miles and miles of lush green fields of grape vineyards, groves of olive and orange trees and some of the nation’s most premiere restaurants specializing in that unique and healthy California cuisine.

Five years ago, Dr. Connie Guttersen wrote The Sonoma Diet, a breakthrough plan that used the bounty of the Sonoma Valley as the cornerstone for this healthy and fresh eating weight loss plan. Now, Dr. Guttersen has updated her bestselling program to bring you a plan that reflects the latest findings in nutritional science, as well as the culinary jewels born from the Golden State’s rich soil and farmland.

The New Sonoma Diet is packed with practical information, decadent recipes and go-to lists and tips for making healthy eating as simple and as straightforward as picking a Valencia orange from a Sonoma Valley orange tree and noshing away. By following the plan for just 10 days, you are practically guaranteed a trimmer and healthier you. The secret to the plan is eating the right foods in the right portions.


America’s Healthiest 10 Diets

CNN.com posted an interesting article, originally featured in Health magazine, about the top 10 best diets. The new year is here and if you’re like the estimated 80 million Americans who go on a diet every year, you might be interested to see the list that was compiled. According to the article, Health magazine collected some experts in the field of nutrition and examined 60 well-known diets and narrowed them down to the top 10.

structure house1. The Structure House Weight Loss Plan

This is structured after Gerard J. Musante’s (the author of the diet) work at the actual Structure House, a Durham, North Carolina-based residential treatment center for obese adults. This book/diet offers a holistic approach to weight loss with motivational components. This diet helps followers understand the ‘why’ behind overeating and helps them to put their lives in balance. This book wants you to find other things than food, i.e. time with friends, outdoor activities, etc., and includes many recipes!

step diet2. The Step Diet

This diet really focuses on walking to help motivate you to lose weight and slim down your waist, and it even comes with a pedometer. It incorporates easy things for losing weight from intentionally going for a walk or making small changes in your life like parking farther away from the store and in turn burning more calories. The plan puts emphasis on calories burned rather then cutting calories, while nutritionally this diet asks you to “Cut food intake to 75 percent of what you currently eat.” (more…)