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Special K Diet and Mamavation Helped Lindsay Chung Kick Start Her Weight Loss

At the start of the new year Lindsay Chung decided it was time to get serious about her weight loss. On January 2, Lindsay weighed 176.2 pounds and says she couldn’t stand the sight of the number. Se knew she had to do something to change it. However, Lindsay’s number one obstacle was her addiction to food. “My only real obstacle was that I’m addicted to food – plain and simple. I like to eat whether I’m full or not,” she told us. Lindsay is not alone, there are people who cannot get enough of food and this contributes to their weight gain.

One day Lindsey joined an online community called Mamavation, a website set out to challenge mothers to makeover their lifestyles. The site and program were founded by Leah Segedie of BookieBoo.com, who has also shared her True Weight Loss Story with us. Soon after joining Mamavation Lindsay started their 2 Week Challenge, which consists of six days of hardcore workouts and one day of rest. After the 2 Week Challenge, she found a love for exercise. (more…)

Special K Aims at Long-Term Weight Loss Management

box of kellogg's cerealYesterday, Kellogg’s Special K launched a new campaign and tools to accompany their weight-loss challenge in an apparent effort to reposition the brand. In addition to the cereal, Special K foods include bars, crackers, chips, water mixes and protein shakes. The Special K Challenge has not changed nutritionally, but now the site and mobile app provide those who sign up with more tools to track their weight loss and stay accountable.

A new angle of the campaign is to help women feel more “body confidant” and in control of their weight. However, both Special K products and the Special K Challenge have come under criticism by health experts. The challenge itself can be extremely low in calories, consisting of two Special K meal replacements, two Special K snacks and one healthy meal per day. The current campaign is focusing on messages of empowerment and long-term health, rather than simply focusing on the scale. Although such a message is noble, the company seems to be trying to position these products as part of a long-term weight management program, when really the Special K Challenge is a crash diet that’s low on nutritional value. Although fairly low-calorie, most Special K products contain high amounts of sugar and are generally too processed for us to considered them really healthy.