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Biggest Loser’s Sam and Stephanie Plan to Marry April 28

The long awaited nuptials of Biggest Loser’s Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson are finally here! People reported today that the couple is getting married tomorrow, April 28, in San Francisco, California.

The gorgeous couple met as contestants on Biggest Loser season nine, and immediately hit it off. While the two were there looking for weight loss they ended up finding love. They lost weight too, a lot in fact! Sam lost more than 130 pounds and Stephanie lost 99 pounds. No proposal happened at the live finale for their season, but a few months later, during filming for a Where Are They Now special, Sam took Stephanie back to the gym on the ranch and popped the question. Of course she said yes!

The couple has faced struggles in the seven months leading up to their big day. Last September, Sam suffered a life-threatening fall from a four-story building, but quick medical attention and on-going care that took him from ICU to a rehabilitation center has him back on his feet and ready to say I Do! Fans across the nation held digital vigil as Sam made a triumphant recovery, and Stephanie frequently expressed her gratitude for the support.

Their wedding site doesn’t reveal too many details about the big day. However, Sam’s accident rearranged their priorities. The couple says: (more…)

Sam Poueu’s Family Explains his Accident and Recovery

UPDATE [10/21/2019]: PEOPLE Magazine reports that Sam Poueu has been moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation center, where he will be doing physical, occupational and speech therapy. “Tough days are still ahead – but, like always, he is working hard towards a full recovery,” his family said in a statement, which also expressed gratitude for Sam’s “wonderful medical team.”

UPDATE [9/27/2019]: Sam Poueu is making a steady recovery and his condition is significantly improved. “We are excited to share that Sam is out of ICU and is currently in stable condition,” his family said in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE Magazine. “He still has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but we are so encouraged by the progress he continues to make daily.”

For the past two weeks Twitter and Facebook have been filled with prayer requests for Sam Poueu, a Biggest Loser 9 contestant. The reasons for the prayers were purposely vague, only making clear that Sam had suffered an accident that put him in ICU. Today, the family spoke out via PEOPLE Magazine and shared what they, and Sam, have been enduring.

According to the article the accident happened on September 3 in San Francisco, California. Sam had spent the night celebrating a friend’s birthday when the party moved to an apartment rooftop, where the crew was locked out. Sam then “attempted to climb down the fire escape ladder to drop down into the fourth floor balcony and slipped,” the families say in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE. “The San Francisco Fire Department responded within minutes thanks to a neighbor’s immediate call.”

That statement to PEOPLE also explains the extent of Sam’s injuries. He “suffered many serious internal injuries and a trauma to the right side of his head. Sam has made positive and encouraging strides since his accident. Since being admitted to the hospital, Sam has stayed strong through three surgeries. To date, many of his internal injuries are on the healing mend.” (more…)

Biggest Loser Reunion with 30 Contestants in Thanksgiving Where Are They Now Special

Whatever happened to your favorite Biggest Loser contestants? Well, wonder no more as this Thanksgiving Biggest Loser will air a two-hour special taking in to the private lives of many of the show’s alumni. More than 30 contestants will appear on “Where Are They Now” to show you how their weight loss has changed their lives and how they look today.

Growing as popular for its love stories as it has for its weight loss success stories, you’ll get to watch the romantic proposal of season 9’s Sam and Stephanie, who recently visited the brand new Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu with Daris George. Not only that, but get access to the recent Lake Tahoe wedding of season 5 at-home winner Bernie Salazar to Jennifer, the cousin of his teammate Brittany Aberle.

You’ll see that these Losers really do walk the walk when it comes to fitness, as 50 of them meet to take on the San Francisco Triathlon, which took place this past summer. Representatives from every season since 2 participated, including Tara Costa, Ed Brantley and Brady and Vicky Vilcan. Plus, see pretty-in-pink Ali Vincent and Sherry Johnston appear at the Biggest Loser 5K event in Myrtle Beach, powered by the slogan “Don’t compete…just complete.” (more…)

Sam Poueu’s Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle after Biggest Loser

He was one of Biggest Loser 9’s most popular contestants. A serious athlete the guys could relate to, and a swoonable hunk the girls could gush over, Sam Poueu won many hearts during his time on the ranch. One heart in particular won his as well, as he and fellow contestant Stephanie Anderson have been dating since their third week on the ranch. With a wide grin he calls Stephanie “the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

We had a chance to catch-up with Sam during his week at the Biggest Loser Resort. Four months following his season finale, he says he’s at a weight that’s maintainable and that this lifestyle has become second nature.

Watch now as he talks about his experience at Biggest Loser Resort, calling it “something special that’s filling in the gap from Biggest Loser,” why the “fighting weight” he worked toward at finale isn’t realistic, and what a date weekend field trip with Stephanie looks like.


Stephanie Anderson’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

Biggest Loser 9 contestant Stephanie Anderson was eliminated this past Tuesday, March 30 after a week that was full of drama, drama and more drama.

Now that Stephanie and Sam’s relationship is public knowledge, Stephanie’s life continues to change and unfold before her.

Listen here to learn how stress has affected Stephanie’s weight loss and whether the drama between her, Ashley, Andrea and Koli has been resolved.


Biggest Loser’s Sam and Stephanie are Dating [UPDATE: They’re Engaged!]

UPDATE 10/6/10: While shooting the upcoming “Where are they Now,” set to air during Biggest Loser 10, Sam proposed to Stephanie, and she said yes! (via E!)

Most people don’t arrive at the Biggest Loser ranch looking for love, they’re looking for a solution to their weight loss woes. However, cupid has descended upon that famous weight loss oasis a few times and delivered lasting relationships. In fact, Biggest Loser has a much better track record in the match-making department than The Bachelor. Examples include Matt and Suzy from season two and most recently Antoine and Alexandra from season eight.

For season nine, the love bug has taken a bite of Sam‘s and Stephanie‘s hearts, and they confess they are dating. In fact, the adorable duo has been flirting since they were in the final stages of casting, and made it “official” around week three. (more…)

Stephanie Anderson: Biggest Loser 9 Contestant

Eliminated Week 11

Keep up with Stephanie Anderson’s journey in Biggest Loser season nine. Each week DietsInReview.com will update each contestant’s weight loss, as well as accomplishments, videos, and more.

Learn more about Stephanie Anderson now!

stephanie biggest loserAge 29

Hometown West Hollywood, CA

Occupation Radio Sales Executive

Team Color Purple

Teammate Patti Anderson, mother

Starting Weight 264

Finale Weight 165

Total Loss -99

Family Single (more…)