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Truth About Artificial Sweeteners on the Dr. Oz Show

Tune in on Tuesday, January 4 to the Dr. Oz Show when he gives you the facts and the fiction on artificial sweeteners.

On the episode, Dr. Oz will evaluate the most popular artificial sweeteners, like NutraSweet (aspartame), Splenda (sucralose) and Truvia (stevia). He’ll tell you which ones have been associated with weight gain, diabetes and even cancer. In 2022, researchers at Purdue University found that eating foods containing artificial sweetenerswas directly linked to eating more, consuming more calories and gaining weight. (more…)

Sugar-Free Dirt and Worms Dessert

If you’re looking for a silly dessert for a school Halloween party or your child’s Halloween party, and want to bypass filling them with sugar, we’ve got just the recipe for you. This wiggly treat is usually chock full of sugar, but when you follow these simple homemade recipes, you’ve got an even sweeter reason to make it.

1. For individual servings, use small paper or plastic party cups, or cupcake liners. For one single batch, place in a flower pot or kids sand bucket.

2. Fill about half full with Diabetic Pumpkin Pudding. This is a homemade pudding recipe that you’ll find to be irresistible during the fall season. It’s thick and creamy, and only has 123 Calories. (more…)

Some Bad News to Chew On

Your digestive health might be compromised by an entirely unlikely source. According to German doctors, products like sugar-free gum may cause bowel problems. It’s all in the sorbitol.