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“650 Pound Virgin” Struggled with Mental Challenges of Weight Loss

We live in an era that focuses a great deal on weight. We also live in a media era that has allowed us to watch obese people transform right before our eyes. With our focus on the physical, we often ignore the mental and emotional aspects of obesity and dramatic weight loss. This week, our weight and media era gave us a glimpse into the battle beyond the bulge.

David Smith appeared on The Today Show this week, and this wasn’t his first appearance on the show. Smith was a guest three years ago, showing off the transformation his once 650-pound body had gone ‘through after he lost 400 pounds. Smith’s weight loss was chronicled for a TLC documentary titled, “The 650-pound Virgin.”

This week’s appearance was just as surprising as Smith has regained more than 250 pounds in the past two years, putting him dangerously close to his starting weight. (more…)