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‘The Weight of the Nation’ Seeks Drastic Change for America’s Health

It’s a well known fact that we have a serious obesity epidemic on our hands in the U.S., with now more than 70 million adults and 12 million children and adolescents considered obese. But a new, multi-pronged initiative launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called The Weight of the Nation, wants to do something about it.

The movement, which is not only being carried out through its own website, book and medical conference, will now seek to reach Americans through their TV screens. A new HBO series called “The Weight of the Nation: Confronting America’s Obesity Epidemic,” will air in four, separate segments starting May 14. It’s a public health announcement of sorts, warning America of the dangers of its future as an obese nation, and what we must do in order to stop it from happening.

Their motto states “To win, we have to lose,” and they’re working to put a plan in place to slow the rise in the number of Americans suffering chronic, debilitating and deadly diseases tied to weight. (more…)