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Gisele Bundchen Credits Kung Fu and Simple Diet Rules for Post Baby Body

Nine weeks ago supermodel Gisele Bundchen gave birth to her daughter, Vivian Lake Brady. The gorgeous model debuted her post-baby body in a black bikini on a recent vacation to Hawaii, as reported by People Magazine. Gisele has given birth to two children, yet she remains in tip top shape even within weeks of giving birth.gisele postpartum

How does the Brazilian model get her body back in shape post baby? According to Shape, the supermodel is loyal to a strict kung fu workout routine. Gisele has been completing 90 minutes of kung fu three times a week for the past four years.

Yao Li, Gisele’s kung fu instructor, explained that, “Practicing kung fu improves muscle tone and flexibility in the lower body. Blocking drills and hand techniques do the same for the upper body, especially the shoulders and arms.” (more…)

Tom Brady’s Football Workout and Diet

pats quarterbackPatriots quarterback Tom Brady stays in top physical shape with a combination of weight lifting and cardio, both during the football season and during the off-season.

During the season, he lifts four days per week. “I take off Wednesday, Saturday and obviously we play most Sundays,” he says. “I also do 40 to 60 minutes of cardio six days per week in order to improve my conditioning. “For cardio, he avoids doing the same workout too often. “I try to mix up my cardio using a variety of machines like the stepper, precor, as well as some running.” He also does drills that are designed to improve agility, as well as lots of jumping rope.

During the off season, he continues to do cardio workouts for close to an hour six days per week. “I do more running than in-season,” says Brady. His weight training program also focuses more on strength training. “My sessions are usually about 25% longer since my body isn’t beat up from playing,” he explains.