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Cherry Vanilla Chia Protein Balls are a Post-Workout Blast from the Past


You know that craving you get for a Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper? It’s a pretty killer flavor combo. While we couldn’t carbonate these protein balls, we were able to capture that taste we all love. Only we did it with real cherries and real vanilla and zero caramel coloring. We didn’t even use high fructose corn syrup or Red #40.

Nope, we’ve got six very natural, very wholesome ingredients literally rolled in to one ball of tasty, craveable goodness. Pop one, pop two, it’s a taste that will take you back to your childhood while satisfying your very grownup hunger before or after you hit the gym. (more…)

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Sexy New Role and Her Secret to Attract Men

Jennifer Love Hewitt is no stranger to playing sexy roles, and her new role is no different. Starring in The Client List, a Lifetime series that premiered Sunday, Hewitt plays a single mother who finds work at a massage parlor that offers sexual favors to a special list of clients; something her character did not exactly sign up for.

Her character, Riley, often appears in revealing outfits and constantly struggles to find the balance between her morals and an opportunity that could resolve her financial woes for her family.

Even though Hewitt has played sexy roles in “Can’t Hardly Wait,” “The Heartbreakers,” and “Ghost Whisperer,” this is a “whole different ballgame,” she told UsWeekly.

“Obviously, sort of being so overtly sexy and provocative – that part of it is not something, by nature, I’ve put on display before or really put out there before,” she said in a recent teleconference. “And that part’s just been sort of fun and exciting and, you know, I feel like I’m at a good age for it. I’m 33 years old, and I think, if I was younger, it would feel more saucy and daring. (more…)

How to Cook with Vanilla

When I think of vanilla, I think vanilla sugar cookies, vanilla cake with lots of icing, and melty vanilla ice cream in the summer time. Obviously I have a sugar problem, but that’s beside the point. The fact is, while vanilla – both the bean and the extract – is a common household ingredient, it packs some pretty serious health benefits that the common person doesn’t know about.

What is Vanilla? For starters, it’s one of the oldest and most expensive spices around. Vanilla beans are the pods or fruits from a tropical orchid, and are native to the tropical rain forest of Central America. The vanilla plant requires a supporting tree or pole to grow tall. And the plant’s fragile flowers only open for one day to be pollinated by bees or humming birds. However, commercially-grown vanilla is hand pollinated, and most commonly grown in Madagascar, India, Indonesia and the West Indies.  (more…)

Vanilla Biscotti Makes the Perfect Holiday Treat

With the holidays here, you’re probably wondering how you’ll manage to stay true to your healthy diet while indulging in some of your favorite seasonal eats.

Instead of depriving yourself, bake up some alternative sweet treats, such as biscotti: a dry, twice-baked cookie that is designed for dunking into coffee — or if you’re feeling adventurous, your favorite wine or bubbly.

Simple Vanilla Biscotti

Makes 24 biscotti