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Vitamin Guide A to Zinc: Vitamin K

Vitamin K is not a vitamin we typically hear much about. But, it is no less important in the functions of our body. Vitamin K helps the body make protein that is necessary for regulating normal blood clotting. It also works with Vitamin A and D in helping to build bones and kidney proteins. There have also been some recent studies that have shown that Vitamin K may improve the strength of bones if added to one’s diet through a variety of fruit and vegetable sources.

Vitamin K deficiency creates a problem with blood clotting, as not having enough of it in your diet will cause the blood to clot at a slower rate. The problem then becomes excessive blood loss, which with injuries can be serious and have increase risks for death.Vitamin K deficiency can lead to hemorrhages. (more…)

Vitamin guide from A to Zinc – Series Kick-off

Hand with vitaminsAs a holistic health counselor and a relatively healthy eater (yes, I eat ice cream and can be seen eating french fries), I take supplements every day. The reason for this is because despite eating a healthy American diet, it is virtually impossible to get all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need.

In a new weekly series that will launch on Saturday, November 28th, I’m going to feature specific vitamins and provide an overview as to why you need it, what it does for your body and where you can get it.

More and more people are deficient and with busy schedules you can start to feel even more run down especially heading into the holiday season.


Vitamin K Helps Fight Diabetes

kaleExperts are always finding new and interesting benefits that come with certain vitamins or minerals. This time around, it’s vitamin K and how it may help you avoid diabetes.

In a study, those subjects (older men and women) who took a vitamin K supplement for three years had lower blood levels of insulin. They also experienced an improvement with insulin resistance as compared to another group who did not take the supplement.

Here comes the catch… (more…)