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How Eating More of the Right Foods Helps Us Weigh Less

If you’ve ever tried to cut your calories, you’ve been met with the sad truth about food. A serving of most foods is pretty small. Even worse, that small portion can have a lot of calories. Research is backing up one of the best tricks most successful dieters tend to pick up on: the idea that eating big portions of the right foods will lead to more satisfaction and weight loss success.

It takes time, but once you start to see that one small granola bar contains the same amount of calories as a huge plate of fresh veggies, your snack time choices start to get easier. Most would choose to have more food versus a small portion, high-calorie option. It’s all about volume. If you eating large portions of low calorie foods, your success rates will go up immeasurably.

Celebrity chef Ellie Krieger reported for ABC News on the topic, relying on studies conducted by Barbara Rolls of Pennsylvania State University.

Rolls is the author of “The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet,” and suggests that regardless of calories, people tend to be satisfied by the same volume of food. If this is true, loading plates with high-volume, low-calorie options will fill you up without causing you to gain weight. (more…)

Eat More Food and Weigh Less with Volumetrics Eating

Eat more and lose weight? Yes, it can be done, when following the Volumetrics eating plan.

The Volumetrics concept is simple: eat a higher volume of food within a healthy calorie range and you’ll lose weight, even if it feels like you’re eating way more than usual.

Volumetrics creator and Penn State nutritional sciences professor, Barbara Rolls, PhD, is the author of a new book “The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet.” Its premise is that dieting – or healthy eating, rather – really comes down to calories per bite. “By choosing foods that have fewer calories per bite, your portion size grows, but your overall calorie count decreases,” she says.

Rolls has studied the science of satiety and how it affects hunger and obesity for the last 20 years, and what she’s found is that the amount of food we eat has a greater effect on how full we feel than the number of calories in the food. And furthermore, that if you’re full on a diet, you’re more likely to stick to it. (more…)

US News Ranks the Best Commercial Diets and the Best Diets for Weight Loss

US News Best Diets LogoU.S. News and World Report is famous (and in some cases infamous) for ranking products, institutions and services of all kinds, be it cars, colleges or diets. Yesterday, they released diet rankings in a number of categories, most notably the best commercial diets and the best diets for weight loss. They also created a list for both the best diabetic diets and the best heart-healthy diets, and a list of best overall diets.

U.S. News reports that they spent six month researching diets, and then had a panel of 22 health experts score the diet on seven different criteria. The diet was judged on its nutritional completeness, its safety, its ability to prevent or manage diabetes, its ability to prevent or manage heart disease, short-term weight loss, long-term weight loss and how easy it is to follow.

It’s little surprise to us that Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig topped both lists, as multiple studies have shown these two diets to be effective. Below are the top eight diets from the best commercial diets and the best diets for weight loss.


America’s Healthiest 10 Diets

CNN.com posted an interesting article, originally featured in Health magazine, about the top 10 best diets. The new year is here and if you’re like the estimated 80 million Americans who go on a diet every year, you might be interested to see the list that was compiled. According to the article, Health magazine collected some experts in the field of nutrition and examined 60 well-known diets and narrowed them down to the top 10.

structure house1. The Structure House Weight Loss Plan

This is structured after Gerard J. Musante’s (the author of the diet) work at the actual Structure House, a Durham, North Carolina-based residential treatment center for obese adults. This book/diet offers a holistic approach to weight loss with motivational components. This diet helps followers understand the ‘why’ behind overeating and helps them to put their lives in balance. This book wants you to find other things than food, i.e. time with friends, outdoor activities, etc., and includes many recipes!

step diet2. The Step Diet

This diet really focuses on walking to help motivate you to lose weight and slim down your waist, and it even comes with a pedometer. It incorporates easy things for losing weight from intentionally going for a walk or making small changes in your life like parking farther away from the store and in turn burning more calories. The plan puts emphasis on calories burned rather then cutting calories, while nutritionally this diet asks you to “Cut food intake to 75 percent of what you currently eat.” (more…)

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Holiday Eating

This month, we’re pleased to have Molly Wangsgaard join us in the Diet Blog as our Featured Guest Blogger. Molly is a Corporate Dietitian and Program Development Manager for Jenny Craig, Inc., and will be sharing some helpful strategies on how to maintain your healthy eating and exercise behaviors during this tempting time of year.

Whether it’s co-worker cookie swaps, cocktail parties or your grandmother’s homemade apple pie, this time of year is filled with seemingly endless temptations. All of these mouthwatering treats can make it very enticing to abandon your healthy eating behaviors.

Now, more than ever, is the time to remain committed and continue the positive lifestyle changes you’ve already made. And with some helpful eating strategies, you can do just that!

Eat Breakfast. You may be tempted to skip breakfast and “save” all your calories for the big feast. Doing this will make you more likely to overeat. If you eat breakfast and a light lunch, you should only be mildly hungry by the time the big meal arrives. This will enable you to make mindful, moderate choices. (more…)