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FedEx Announces the Most Walk Friendly Cities in the U.S.

We at DietsinReview have been advocating walking as a healthy lifestyle choice for years. Walking is an excellent way to get in some cardiovascular exercise, lose weight, and even lower your risk of mental illnesses, such as dementia. It is very easy to walk a lot: you can buy a treadmill and walk in your living room while watching television, walk around a track at a local high school, or if you live in a big city – like New York City or Chicago – you can walk to your job each day.

But what if you do not live in a big city? Are you forced to resign your walking workouts to your local mall or gym? Not necessarily.

The US DOT Federal Highway Administration and FedEx recently announced the most Walk Friendly Communities in the USA. These communities were ranked from bronze to platinum, based on the community’s dedication to “improving and sustaining walkability and pedestrian safety through comprehensive programs, plans and policies.” Factors that were used to determine the “walkability” of the city included the city’s commitment to building more pedestrian friendly walkways, promotion of walking as a healthy lifestyle choice, and understanding of how pedestrians travel within a city.


U.S. Cities Ranked by Walkability

I’ve addressed the issue of the “walkability” of our cities, and how modern urban design has helped make us fatter. pedestriansThat made WalkScore an interesting website to stumble upon. WalkScore.com ranks 2,508 neighborhoods in the U.S. for how walkable they are. The top four U.S. cities, according to WalkScore, are:
1. San Francisco
2. New York City
3. Boston
4. Chicago

Are you thinking about a move? Maybe this can influence your plans.