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Are You in Denial About Your Weight?

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Recent studies indicate that most Americans drastically underestimate how much they really weigh. In fact, more than 25% of women report that they are at a normal weight, and they are really obese.

It’s not until we look at a picture of ourselves – maybe one that we don’t even recognize – or try on last season’s clothing and then are faced with the reality that we’ve put on more than a few pounds. Why do we have such an “obesity blind spot”?

Obesity is an epidemic in current society. It’s everywhere, in every circumstance. Slowly, we’ve become accustomed to seeing people in larger sizes. Recently, I went to dinner with my husband, and I took a look at the other diners. More than 80% of them were overweight, including the children. What we see on a daily basis no longer shocks us. How can we get past this and make sure that we are a healthy shape and size?