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Best Active Vacation Spots for a Healthy Getaway

by Descygna Webb

Going on vacation for many people means relaxing and leaving behind the routine of everyday life. For those that want to stay in shape and be active during their vacation, there are some destinations that might be better than others. Spring Break is quickly approaching and the high traffic summer months follow quickly after that. Finding the perfect vacation spot can be difficult to do on your own. We’ve compiled a list of the best vacation spots for those that want to stay active during their time away from home. These places offer a chance to have fun and play while doing activities you may not have access to in your home town. Whether you’re staying stateside or vacationing abroad, these destinations have a lot to offer.


Best White Water Rafting Locations in the U.S.

White water rafting is a fun, but challenging recreational sport involving an inflatable raft. This type of outdoor activity can be done with several people working together to navigate through the rough rapids of the river or similar body of water.

White water rafting not only challenges your physical ability, but mental as well. White water rafting helps improve your overall strength and endurance levels as well as self esteem, self confidence, and helps reduce stress levels.  Team work is crucial, thus making it more fun! Below are a few safety tips, as well as a few of the best places to go white water rafting. Good luck and have fun!

White Water Rafting Safety Tips:

  • Wear appropriate protective gear: helmet, life jacket, protective eye wear, and water shoes
  • Listen to your guide
  • Eat a light meal before rafting
  • Know and understand the dos and don’ts
  • Never go rafting alone
  • Know the lay of the land
  • Have fun!! (more…)