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YogaHands Gets a High-Five When it Comes to Pain Relief

Are you one of the millions of people who don’t spend your days on your feet, but on your computer, giving massages, or playing a musical instrument? Repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, or tendonitis in the hands and wrists are enough to have you wishing you had a couple spare hands to get your job done.

yoga hands

The makers of YogaToes have recently introduced YogaHands, a new product that is similar, yet provides relief for your hands and fingers. Made to wedge in between your fingers, YogaHands offers the same tension-relieving stretch to your hands as YogaToes gives to your feet. (more…)

We Love YogaToes Gems

We introduced you to YogaToes a ways back as a “vacation for your feet”, offering stretching, strengthening and relaxation for your tired piggies. YogaPro, the makers of YogaToes, have come out with a new design that promises more comfort without sacrificing the benefits for your feet you’ve come to expect.

YogaToes Gems are the new and improved version that slip on and off easier than the YogaToes, with an open top and little “gems” that hold the foot fixers in place instead of the closed tops of the YogaToes.

The soft and sparkly YogaToes Gems stretch your toes apart to help tight and weak muscles become more flexible and stronger. Perfect for athletes after a long run or at the end of the work day after wearing painful heels, YogaToes Gems are a great way to unwind while promoting foot health.