3 Ways Yoga Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

Nearly everyone has aspirations to be healthy. Following diets and new and improved workout plans are popular behaviors at the beginning of each New Year, as many will vow to eat better and get more exercise.

A few months of eating fresh, high quality cuisine and hitting the gym makes a big difference in the way we feel. A slimmer waistline, clearer skin, and an overall feeling of health is worth it, so why is it so hard to stay the course?

Your lifestyle plays a huge role in whether or not your good intentions are going to stick. If you think your lifestyle might not be supporting your desire to be healthy, keep reading.

The following are three ways yoga can support a healthy lifestyle and make it easier to stick with your healthy diet and exercise plan.

Yoga Reduces Stress

Of course yoga reduces stress, big deal right? But did you know being under stress releases a hormone called cortisol in the blood and cortisol promotes weight gain? Binge eating is a result of stress. Poor diet choices are the result of stress. Couple these behaviors with elevated levels of the weight-gain hormone and we can all take a guess at what’s going to happen.

Yoga Enhances Body Awareness

Wearing baggy clothes can keep you in denial about your body, but your yoga practice will always bring it to your attention. The more you practice, the more aware you will be, and this awareness will spark an intrinsic interest to do something about it. It is not about how you look to the outside world; that type of motivation isn’t healthy. It is about how you feel, and yoga will give you a clear indication of those feelings.

Yoga Creates a Support Network

Ever tried to change your habits but are unsuccessful because the people around you are just not offering any support? Perhaps it’s time to join a yoga class and be in the company of people who value their health. We are social creatures and the behaviors of those around us greatly influence the decisions we make for ourselves. In yoga, you’ll meet people who will inspire you to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

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