5 Ways to Prevent Loose Skin after Weight Loss

extra skinHaving loose, excess skin is often the result of losing an extreme amount of weight. Every “body” is different, thus varying how the body handles the situation. Some people can lose a great amount of weight and not have any excess skin while others are the exact opposite. The elasticity and condition of your skin before weight loss and during weight loss determines how much, if any, skin you are left with.

The Human Integumentary System, or skin, is a living organ and actively adapts to the body’s internal and external environments. So, when you lose an extreme amount of weight, you are not only losing body fat, but losing lean muscle mass as well. Below is an example by fitness expert, Ron Brown, of how this entire process works.

Say you start at a firm and in-shape 110 pounds, but gradually gain 100 pounds of body fat. Then you go on a weight loss diet to quickly lose the 100 pounds. When losing this much weight, you not only lose body fat, but lean muscle mass as well. According to Ron Brown, 20 to 60 percent of the weight lost is lean muscle mass. Let’s go with 2o percent; so 20 percent of 100 is 20 pounds. Now you are back to your original 110 pound body weight, but with 20 percent (20 pounds) less muscle and 20 percent (20 pounds) more body fat. So, now your 110-pound firm body is replaced by a greater volume of flabby fat instead, thus causing excessive loose skin.

Below are five ways that will help you prevent or reduce excessive skin after extreme weight loss:

  1. Change your body composition, not just body weight. Increase lean muscle mass while reducing body fat.
  2. Nourish and exfoliate your skin daily. This will encourage elasticity and circulation to help tighten your skin.
  3. Don’t lose the weight all at once. Find a diet and exercise routine that you can handle and focus on losing two pounds per week.
  4. Aloe vera extract, cucumbers, tomatoes, and coconut can improve your skin’s elasticity. These increase your body’s production of elastin and collagen; which help tighten skin.
  5. Drink a lot of water and eat a high-protein diet. This help keeps the body and muscles hydrated and prevents the loss of lean muscle mass.

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