50 Things You Can do Today to Improve Your Health

Most health and fitness advice is full of don’ts: Don’t eat after 7, don’t eat fast food, don’t enjoy anything you eat, ever again. That negative connotation is why people view fitness and weight loss as a punishment, or something to be white-knuckled through.

Lasting change is made when you build a habit- and habits are made by systematically DOING something repeatedly until it becomes ingrained. Depriving yourself will not build habits, being proactive will.

So instead of pummeling you with more “don’ts” to make you feel like a failure, here are 50 things you can DO, today, that will improve your health. Pick one a day to try out, or choose one and repeat it everyday until it becomes a habit, but either way, these little “dos” will boost your health the second you do them.

  1. Drink a glass of water before each meal to hit your 64 oz of water a day recommendation.
  2. Revisit your goals. Take a few seconds each morning to revisit what it is you want to achieve.
  3. Start your morning with a good, long stretch to get the blood flowing.
  4. Pick a mantra you can repeat to yourself that will push you through barriers.
  5. Remind yourself why you are worth it.
  6. Add fruit slices to your water for an extra splash of nutrients and flavor.
  7. Take the stairs wherever you see them.
  8. Name one thing you really, truly love about yourself.
  9. Buy a new workout outfit to get excited about the gym, and your new bod.
  10. Be a role model to someone else. Order a healthy lunch while with a friend or invite your neighbor out for a walk.
  11. Add 1 veggie to each meal today.
  12. Instead of throwing the dog outside to go potty, take Fido for a walk around the block.
  13. Do 10 push-ups every time you check your Facebook.
  14. Replace your office chair with a stability ball.
  15. Try a new, healthy recipe.
  16. Brush your teeth after dinner to avoid cavities and cut cravings.
  17. Do a 1 minute plank. Right now.
  18. Read a health related article.
  19. Make a vision board to motivate you on your journey.
  20. Eat slowly and deliberately.
  21. Go to bed 1 hour early.
  22. Teach someone a healthy fact they didn’t know before.
  23. Do crunches during the commercial breaks of your favorite TV show.
  24. Sign up for a race and start training!
  25. Each time before you eat, ask yourself, “How hungry am I really?”
  26. Plan out all of your meals for the day- and stick to it!
  27. Set an alarm for your workout, and actually workout when it goes off.
  28. Make a motivating playlist of your favorite songs- and use them.
  29. Buy your favorite fitness magazine for extra motivation. Read it on the treadmill.
  30. Try one new exercise you’ve never done before.
  31. Eat! Every two to three hours, like clockwork.
  32. Try a fruit or veggie that you’ve never eaten before.
  33. Try a new class at your gym you’ve never tried before.
  34. Swap fitness DVDs with a friend to spice up your routine.
  35. Take a multivitamin- if your doctor says it’s OK.
  36. Work out in the morning instead of at night to boost your calorie burn all day long.
  37. Trade your steady state cardio session for a hardcore HIIT workout.
  38. Up your weights a few pounds.
  39. Cook your pasta to al dente. The softer you cook your pasta, the higher the glycemic index.
  40. Go grocery shopping for healthy foods. Stick to the perimeter.
  41. Lighten up your favorite comfort food with healthy swaps.
  42. Buy in season produce.
  43. Check your BMI or body fat percentage.
  44. Eat only raw foods for a full day.
  45. Take a deep breathe. And then another.
  46. Unplug during your next workout. Skip the iPod or TV and engage in your workout.
  47. Apply sunscreen when exercising outdoors- even in winter.
  48. Get fitted for proper running shoes. Most stores will do this for free.
  49. Workout outside. Not only will you burn calories, but the fresh air boosts mood.
  50. Try two of these healthy ideas in one day!

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