6 Apps You Must Download for Better Health in 2022

With the advancements in technology it seems like people have to do less and less work everyday. Sometimes, the scenes from Wall-E don’t seem so farfetched because everything we want or need has, or will, come to us so easily with the help of technology. The good news is that some of these advancements actually lend themselves to a healthier lifestyle. Some of them, like our favorite apps for the new year, will still make you work for it.

The iTunes store offers a seemingly endless bounty of apps that can help and guide people to live and manage their diets and fitness regimens. But to make your search a little easier, we narrowed down just six apps that we think will impact your fitness and diet routine if you’re still up for a little hard work!

1. Juice

Juice is a fun app to help you connect the dots between your daily habits and personal energy levels. Use Juice for seven days, record daily energy levels, then start making connections between sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Juice gives a personalized assessment with tips for feeling more energized. The more you use the app the more you learn about yourself and become more familiar with your body. You can also record other daily habits by adding categories like stress, life balance, and mood. Ditch the energy drinks and download Juice instead! Cost: Free


2. AthleteInMe.com- Exercise Calorie Converter

This is one of the top grossing health and fitness apps on iTunes, and it helps you learn what types of physical activity you need to do to burn off a meal. The app emphasizes fast food meals and can help settle that should you/shouldn’t you debate. Athlete In Me will show just how many miles it takes to burn off a Big Mac. Download the app to see if it’s worth it. Cost: $2.99



3. Super Diet Genius

Lose weight by eating foods you like with the Super Diet Genius app, which lets you select the types of food you like to eat then customizes a meal plan for you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. There is also a water tracker to record how many glasses you’ve had for the day. In addition to the customized meals, you can schedule meal and snack reminders. Download this app to manage your healthier eating habits. Cost: $2.99



4. Nike+ Running

Nike+ has swept the running app nation by storm. Before you start a run, open the app and with every movement you and your iPhone make the app tracks the mileage and time. After you complete a run, log-on to the Nike+ website to track your overall activity, daily goals, and the miles you’ve run. The app helps you stay motivated, challenged, and connected to others who are staying active like you. Cost: Free



5. Lose It! 

Looking for a calorie and exercise tracking app? Then consider Lose It!, a food and exercise diary on your phone. The app automatically tracks your exercise and calorie data, then produces stats for you to review. You can earn badges for successes, and share your progress on social networking sites. Cost: Free



6. Healthy Diet and Grocery Food Scanner by ShopWell 

Become a better shopper with ShopWell’s app, developed by a registered dietitian in partnership with the USDA. Select the type of diet you follow, like diabetic or gluten free. Then while grocery shopping, simply scan the bar code of food you want to buy. The app will tell you if the item is a good match. It’s like a personal nutritionist at your finger tips! Cost: Free



The app you download will only be affective if you actively use them. If you are having trouble getting back into a health and fitness routine, but have an iPhone at your disposal, then download one of these to get started. Learning how to live a healthier lifestyle takes time, but with the help of an app it can be a fun learning experience.

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