7 Crazy Diet Tricks That Actually Work

People will do some weird things to lose weight. In my teens and early twenties I skipped meals, downed cans of protein shakes and one time I decided if I ate all my food with toothpicks, I’d be exhausted and just give up before I consumed too many calories. These were all unhealthy and ineffective, especially the toothpicks because let’s be honest, I still had hands, which I used to shovel the food in my mouth anyway.

Below are seven other crazy ideas that actually have some merit to them:

Spicy Peppers

Spice It Up – Adding spicy ingredients like jalapenos and habaneros to your recipes can boost weight loss. Scientists who studied a group of rats found that capsaicin, the active ingredient in some hot peppers, may actually inhibit fat accumulation.

Just Look At Yourself! – Hanging a mirror opposite you at the dinner table keeps you mindful of your posture, how much you’re eating and how long you’ve been at the dinner table. It’s also handy because you don’t have to ask your dinner guest if you have spinach in your teeth.

Sit At The End – Not because you’re shy, because you want to avoid all that mindless before-meal snacking. Bread baskets, chips,salsa and other free appetizers are usually situated in the middle of the table. If you can’t reach it, you can’t eat it.

Wine with dinner

Drink Wine – Researchers at Brigham Young University found women who drank moderately (1-2) drinks per day lost more weight than nondrinkers and heavy drinkers. Sipping a little vino at dinner may help you consume less calories.

Pop a Peppermint – If you’re prone to snacking your way through the nightly dinner prep, try sucking on hard candy instead. Strong flavors like cinnamon and peppermint will keep you from noshing on your ingredients or making a trip to the cookie jar.

Cut It Up – Channel your inner helicopter mother and cut up your food in tiny pieces before eating. Studies suggest this tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating more, making you feel satisfied sooner.

Have a Citrus Appetizer – Instead of ending your meal with an orange, start with one. Peeling a juicy orange at the beginning of a meal stimulates your senses and wards off dehydration.

Inhale It – We don’t mean eat your food like a teenage boy at a hamburger buffet, we mean literally inhale it. Dutch scientists discovered that people who took the time to inhale deeply and enjoy the smell of their food, actually took smaller bites.


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