8 Awesome Ab Workouts to Help You Tone Your Midsection

Come bathing suit season, we all yearn to wake up one morning with washboard abs. To trim and tone your midsection, it takes more than the Flat Belly Diet to seek the six-pack you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re trying to build muscle and reduce belly fat for health related-reasons, or simply so you can wear a bikini at the beach in six months, we looked into some of the latest and greatest ways you can tone your abs and seek better muscle definition.

Ab Belts: Though there has been some controversy over whether electronic ab belts are effective, some dieters swear by them as a supplement to your existing workout routine. The Flex Belt, which is considered the gold standard of ab belts, claims to effectively firm, tone and strengthen all your abs, all at once, so you get a great workout in just 30 minutes a day. Are its claims exaggerated? Maybe a little, but if you can’t squeeze in a trip to the gym, they can give your abs a little work.

Ab Rocket: If you’re looking for an ab workout, the Ab Rocket is a machine frequently advertised on television and comes with the ability to try it risk-free for the first 30 days. The Ab Rocket offers workouts at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and works your upper, middle and lower abs for overall ab definition.

Ab Flyer: Thought it sounds like something you might find on a commercial jet, or perhaps in a toy store, the Ab Flyer is an at-home workout machine that allows you to lose weight and inches from your midsection. The Ab Flyer works the abdominal muscles from the bottom up, while limiting the stress on the neck, back and shoulders.

Ab Sonic: Not unlike electronic ab belts, the Ab Sonic is a fitness device that can be worn under your clothes around your waist – wherever you go. While the FDA has approved the use of certain devices for consumer use, they do not support some of the cosmetic and aesthetic claims made in the marketing of the products.

New Abs Diet: If you want to jump start your weight loss by trimming your belly fat first, The Abs Diet might be appealing for you. Created by the editor’s of Men’s Health magazine, this gimmick-free diet recommends eating a diet of “real” foods rich in protein, lean meat, dairy and whole grains.

Revabs: Created by fitness trainer Brett Hoebel, Revabs offers nine different ab workouts featuring Hoebel’s Abcentrics training technique, a strategy that works your abs from six different angles as opposed to traditional crunch.

Crunchless Abs: If you have a bad back or dread hitting the mat for crunches after your cardio workout, Crunchless Abs might be your ticket to a washboard belly. Crunchless Abs is a fitness DVD developed by noted fitness expert Linda LaRuethat targets all 12 abdominal muscles, including your  upper abs,  hard to reach deep lower abs, your left and right side obliques, and lower back.

Hip Hop Abs: Dance your way to better abs with a fun, cardiovascular workout that will never get boring. Hip Hop Abs is a fun way to get in shape and you can choose from four DVDs in the series, each less than 45 minutes.

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