8 Healthy Recipes for Your Golden Globes Watch Party this Sunday

The Golden Globes are happening this weekend. Do you have any big plans? We certainly do. With a line up of sitcoms and films we absolutely gushed over in 2024, not watching simply isn’t an option. After all, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey – two of our favorite female comedians – are hosting, which is just one more reason to tune in this Sunday to see who takes home gold.

If you’re planning on having a gathering, chances are you’ll need to feed your guests. But just because you’re in party planning mode doesn’t mean you should stress over the menu.

In honor of this year’s Golden Globes we’re dishing up eight healthier recipes inspired by some of our favorite nominees. With a mix of sweet and savory, light and filling, you and your guests will be well fed while tuning in to see who gets crowned Hollywood’s finest talent.

3 Bean Salad with Edamame – Golden Globes co-host and “30 Rock” creator Tina Fey is passionate about many things: Comedy, writing, avoiding yoga and kale and beans. In honor of Fey we’re dishing up this healthy recipe that can be served as a salad, dip or vegetarian entree.

Potato Leek Soup – “Downton Abbey,” up for best television series, has captured viewers worldwide with its enchanting and historical storyline, myself included. Fans of the show know formal meals can be at Lord Grantham’s table, and we think this soup would be a welcome addition to the menu.

Pina Colada Fruit Dip – “Django Unchained” is up for best motion picture and while we haven’t seen the action-packed film for ourselves, we’ve heard it’s phenomenal. We caught a glimpse of actor Leonardo DiCaprio holding a coconut cocktail in the trailer and immediately thought of this fruity dip. It’s no cocktail but it’s far healthier and would be a perfect appetizer or light dessert.

Ciabatta Bread and Guilt Free Spinach and Artichoke Dip – We loved Golden Globes co-host Amy Poehler’s take on body image and loving yourself earlier this year and we’re dishing up something healthy in honor of her response. Consider this spinach and artichoke dip the ultimate guilt-free appetizer.

Healthy Banana S’mores – “Moonrise Kingdom” is up for best motion picture, and I for one hope it takes home gold. It paints the story of an ambitious young boy who flees summer camp to meet his teenage love interest, Suzy, in the woods. After seeing film for myself last night, I agree that it’s one of Wes Anderson’s finest works to date. In honor of this quirky film we’re serving up this a healthier s’mores recipe that any junior khaki scout would be proud to nosh on after dark.

Vegan Vanilla Cake – Tina Fey, who’s up for best performance by an actress in a television series, absolutely loves white cake with white icing and considers it her favorite indulgence. We say ‘why not?’ Life is short and we love a good dessert, especially if it’s on the lighter side. This cake fits the bill on all accounts.

Low Carb Waffles – Amy Poehler, who is up for nomination in the same category, plays Leslie Knope in the comedy series “Parks and Recreation.” While the actress doesn’t reveal much about her diet in real life, everyone knows that Knope’s on-screen love is waffles. We aren’t big fans of breakfast sugar bombs, but we’re all for occasional indulgence. These waffles would make a perfect light dessert served with peanut butter, honey or melted dark chocolate.

And with that, consider your party menu planned. Enjoy these healthier dishes as you tune in this Sunday to see who came out on top in entertainment in 2024. We certainly will.

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