Eat Like a Seahawk: 8 Super Snacks for Seattle’s Big Game!


We’re on our way to the big game, Seattle! Now what? It’s time to send out the invites, place your bets, and hit the kitchen in an effort to feed The 12th Man. How can you watch your waistline while still watching football?

We’ve put together some great dishes and halftime snack ideas that will make you feel just like you’re at CenturyLink Field, capturing all of Seattle’s favorite ingredients and restaurants…with a healthy twist!

Here are eight of our favorite football foods to help you cheer on the Seahawks to the big win:

Pork tacos

Beer-Braised Pork Tacos
What says football more than beer? What says Seattle more than it’s hundreds of microbrews? Sneak some of the city’s best libations into this deliciously easy slow-cooker dish. Enjoy with a cold one and your favorite homemade or store-bought low-sugar BBQ sauce.

Cardamom Coffee Zucchini Bread
Start the morning off with, what else? Some of Seattle’s signature coffee and a to-die-for bread that pays homage to the coffee element of coffee cake. This breakfast treat from is easy to make and will fool even the pickiest eaters into trying this bread with hidden veggies.

Walnut Encrusted Salmon
Whether you enjoy watching them thrown around at Pike’s Place or perfectly cooked on your own plate, this walnut-encrusted salmon recipe from Janet Bond Brill is a fresh and flavorful way to prepare baked wild-caught salmon straight from Seattle.

Quesadillas with Goat Cheese, Figs, and Caramelized Onions
Put a twist on a game day classic quesadilla by adding one of Washington’s finest ingredients: the Walla Walla onion! This combo makes for an unusual and delicious appetizer that will make you a proud fan of football and the great state we live in.

Cabernet Basil Pizza Sauce Recipe (inspired by Serious Pie!)
Your mouth is watering just thinking about the delectable and unique concoctions from Serious Pie. Why not try to make a fancy, yet simple, cabernet basil pizza sauce to impress your guests just like Tom Douglas– bonus points for using local Seattle wines!

Rainier Cherry And Pumpkin Seed Butter Bites
You’ll feel right at home with these Rainier Cherry tarts that are perfect for passing around the TV. Jam packed full of superfoods like quinoa and pumpkin seeds, this recipe from Cannelle et Vanille is just to keep your guests, and your tummy, happy.

Steamed Clams with Cilantro and Red Pepper Recipe 
Nothing says Seattle like a delectable meal of fresh oysters and clams straight from the Sound. This simple yet flavor-packed recipe from Epicurious is served best with crusty bread and a chilled white wine. Beer would be fun, too (see below!)

60 Calorie Vanilla Cupcakes with Banana Frosting Recipe
They may not be from Cupcake Royale, but these vanilla and banana treats from Biggest Loser’s Curtis Stone are the perfect way to celebrate the Seahawks road to victory. Plus, this recipe has only 60-calories per cupcake, ensuring a guilt-free win for your health and your favorite team.

Want to serve a neutral crowd-pleaser? Try our Lighter Buffalo Chicken Dip, with about 206 calories and everything you love about this classic.

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