A Beginner’s Guide to Spinning

spinningCardiovascular training can get monotonous from time to time; that’s why it doesn’t hurt to modify or change up your cardio routine every once in a while. Spinning is a great way to do so. Spinning is among one of the most popular group fitness classes out there today. Spinning consists of upbeat music, a motivating instructor, and a hard core calorie burning workout.

The stationary bikes offer a great cardiovascular workout all while improving your lower body muscular strength and endurance. Every class is a little different, depending on the instructor, but mainly consists of a combination of sprints, varying resistance levels, and normal rides.

The best thing about spinning is that you can go at your own pace or keep up with the instructor; it’s totally up to you. Spinning is also a great way to exercise with a friend, make new friends, or break through the boredom barrier with a new style of exercise.

Benefits of Spinning:

  1. Improve muscular endurance
  2. Improve muscular strength
  3. Improve cardiovascular endurance
  4. Enjoyable
  5. Meet new friends
  6. Bond with old friends
  7. Great way to get your sweat on

Most health clubs and fitness facilities offer free spinning classes throughout the day. If you are a little nervous about taking a spinning class, below is a weight training workout that will help better prepare you for it. Spinning targets the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Pre-Spin Workout:

Mix the following weight training regimen with a half-hour of cardiovascular training for a couple weeks and you will be ready to tear it up!

I recommend performing three sets of 20 repetitions at a medium weight for the workout below. Good Luck!

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