A Peek Inside New York City’s Body & Pole

By Margo Donohue (aka, Brooklyn Fit Chick)

Pole dancing has grown from a few cool, off-the-beaten-track studios in LA to an increasing popular classes that can be found all over the country. And it’s no wonder why when you see the insanely fit, strong and lithe bodies of pole dance instructors and their devoted clientele. Sure, we make jokes about not wanting our daughters “on the pole” but when from a fitness-perspective this type of dance deserves a lot of respect—pole dancing can burn fat and build muscle as well as, or better than, most gym-based workouts!


Back in 2022, dancers Kyra Johannesen and Lian Tal Lebret decided to give NYC a go and launched Body & Pole after renting a space from a yoga studio to teach ten pole dancing classes per week. Over the next year and a half the demand for their classes has increased to the point that now they have a store front space right in the center of the busy Chelsea district taking up several floors, offering over 140 classes per week with some of the most gorgeous and fit instructors you will ever see in your life!

Body & Pole is about so much more than mere pole dancing. First of all, the classes are offered in smaller groups (6-12 participants) than most studios and second, many of the classes are 90s minutes long offering more personal instruction and care. In addition to that there are a variety of aerial hoop and aerial fabric classes as well that will strengthen your body and make it more flexible that you can possibly imagine. Pricing is offered for memberships or on a per class basis.

So have you ever taken a pole dancing or aerial fabrics class? Was it fun?


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Margo Donohue is the creator of the health & fitness blog Brooklyn Fit Chick. She writes about fitness, health, Paleo living, music and pop culture and has certifications in Group Fitness and Personal Training from NASM, AFAA, ACE and TRX. You can follow her on twitter


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