Biggest Loser Behind the Scenes Q&A with Amanda Arlauskas

Now is your chance to have the burning questions you’ve always wondered about answered by our Biggest Loser Correspondent and former Biggest Loser contestant, Amanda Arlauskas.

Questions about the ranch and show, fitness, diet, or just about Amanda? Just leave your questions below in the comments form of this post. Amanda will regularly select questions posted below and answer in a video.

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Amanda’s Answers Part 11: Preparing and packaging food for the week ahead, managing the ups and downs of weight loss maintenance and why Amanda loves Larabars!

Amanda’s Answers Part 10: Why the contestants change their weigh-in outfits, what supplements are allowed on the ranch and more!

Amanda’s Answers Part 9: The questions turn personal! Amanda’s new outlook on dating and what Bob & Jillian really think about resting!

Amanda’s Answers Part 8: How to make healthy choices on a budget and how to stay motivated even on down days.

Amanda’s Answers Part 7: How contestants are compensated, what a high calorie day is like, what kind of downtime is there at the ranch and contestant access to counselors.

Amanda’s Answers Part 6: How to deal with a food aversion like fish, Amanda’s take on artificial sweeteners, the benefits of a high-calorie day, and Amanda’s career goals in the fitness/nutrition industry.

Amanda’s Answers Part 5: How to get fit for Spring Break, how beneficial the Body Bugg is, how illnesses are treated on the ranch and affect workouts, and if they get to use music on the ranch.

Amanda’s Answers Part 4: Favorite health foods, hours upon hours of working out at the ranch, and keeping in touch with fellow Biggest Loser contestants.

Amanda’s Answers Part 3: Dealing with soreness, handling the constant cameras on the ranch, and working out without a gym.

Amanda’s Answers Part 2: Calorie consumption by contestants, what happens to the eliminated contestants, and what about the sugar in fruit.

Amanda’s Answers Part 1: Interview schedules, cameras, excess skin and surgery, and eating healthy while feeling full.

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