Biggest Loser Contestants Get Olympic-Sized Encouragement and Cowboy Jay Gets Booted – Elimination Interview

Last night the Biggest Loser contestants took a field trip to the US Olympic training site in Park City, Utah. During their visit they worked out in the Olympic Village, received a pep talk from 8-time medalist, Apolo Ohno, played a high-stakes game of curling and ran a foot-race around the bobsled track that solidified to everyone, Rachel is in-it-to-friggin-win-it, so watch out.

In the end, even though he’s already lost an impressive 104 pounds on the show, the remaining contestants chose to oust Gentleman Jay and his signature black cowboy hat from the village.

Jay Sheets Before After collage

Today we talked to Jay about his tremendous weight loss, his plans for the finale, and whether he thought Bobby’s cry for help was genuine, or a clever ploy to stay on the show.

DIR: You looked great when you left the Olympic Village last night. Since returning home, what have you done to maintain your weight loss?

JAY: You know, really it’s just been the fact that I’m back to the everyday grind. Life with work and the kids. Getting kids ready for school, then working and running them around to all their activities, it’s a time management thing because I don’t get to work out for 6-8 hours a day like I could on the ranch. Right now I exercise before work and then again in the evening.

DIR: Do you think Bobby’s speech was genuine or was there a little bit of manipulative game-play involved?

JAY: Oh, there was definitely a little bit of game-play involved but hey, that’s part of the game. I knew when I hit my goal weight that my time would be coming but I think it was kind of a dumb move for the contestants to vote me off. I didn’t have enough weight to lose to be the Biggest Loser winner. In that way, Bobby is the bigger threat.

After his substantial weight loss and even winning $25,000 worth of gym equipment from Planet Fitness, Jay still considers making it on the show to be his defining moment. He knew once he was chosen for the cast, he would give it everything he had. “I got a little lost for awhile,” he admitted. “But I always knew it was a goal that I couldn’t give up on. I thank Biggest Loser for helping me show my boys that no matter how old you are, you can’t ever let go of your dreams.”

Back in the Saddle Again?

Though it’s still a little chilly in his hometown of Farmington, Missouri, Jay is already training with a horse in preparation for the upcoming rodeo season, a hobby he reluctantly dropped when he gained weight. Since reaching his doctor-determined weight of 195 pounds on the show, he said he’s also reached the Jillian-suggested weight of 185 pounds. For finale night, he wants to look toned and might even invest in a new hat, just for the occasion.


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