Biggest Loser Know Your Number HealthScore Available for Contestants and Viewers

A new test is being conducted on the Biggest Loser contestants, and everyone watching at home will get to benefit too, with the introduction of the Biggest Loser Know Your Number HealthScore. The test is being introduced on the January 12 episode of Biggest Loser, season nine episode two.biggest loser know your number healthscore

For the first time, contestants will learn their HealthScore number and their risk of the three most deadly diseases: stroke, diabetes and heart disease. With Dr. Huizenga, Medical Advisor on The Biggest Loser, the contestants will also learn how many years of life they can recover when they make the necessary habit changes to their health. Then, at mid-season, the contestants will be tested again to reveal drastic changes in their HealthScore, no doubt stunning them and viewers and proving the benefit of fitness, proper diet and lifestyle change.

The Biggest Loser Know Your Number HealthScore opens a new dimension to the show because it provides a personalized health roadmap for contestants to know their current health risks and will let me track their progress toward reducing those risks through the season,” says Dr. Robert Huizenga. “I believe the HealthScore can provide the same guidance to anyone wanting to take charge of their health.”

The Know Your Number HealthScore, created by BioSignia and using their proprietary technology, relies on each person’s unique information to calculate the score. Inputting information like height, weight, family history, blood pressure, lifestyle habits and even blood values, a detailed report will be generated displaying the risk for obesity related diseases. The goal is that knowing these numbers and the risk for these diseases will motivate users to transform their lives and turnaround their health for the better.

The Know Your Number HealthScore Kit is now available for $89.99 at and in the NBC Biggest Loser Store. The kit comes with a private questionnaire and instructions for measuring blood pressure and sending a blood sample to the BioSignia offices in North Carolina where the results will be tabulated. Within three weeks, consumers will receive their Know Your Number HealthScore report complete with their “numbers” and suggested customized remedies to improve these numbers.

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