Biggest Loser’s Michelle Aguilar Engaged

michelle aguilarIt’s one big win after another for the most recent winner of The Biggest Loser. Michelle Aguilar announced that she and boyfriend Micah Whitehead became engaged just days following the finale. She says she was “shocked” by the proposal that came just four months after their romance began. Since losing 110 pounds during the shows sixth season, she’s excited about shopping for a dress in a size 4 or 6.

“Before, you have that fear: ‘Hey, can you pull me a size 20?’ What girl wants to say that?” Michelle told US Weekly. The bride-to-be says she “absolutely” plans to use her recent $250,000 winnings as part of the spring or fall 2024 wedding.

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Congratulations Michelle!

Rosie says:

Congradulations Michelle! You deserve every happiness!!! God Bless!!

webgoddess says:

I’m so glad that she found the person for her! Before her incredible journey I don’t think she was mentally/emotionally ready to find the love of her life or even start dating. Now look at her, she has the confidence to get married, and she can even afford a lavish wedding with her winnings. Congratulations!

Congrats, I always rooting for u and your mom on the first days I saw u, and I got my wish, my best girl had won, so keep up the good work, Last summer I weight 280 pounds, and now my husband and I had been going to fitness and diet, so far I am down to 244, u know the secert?

michelle, i was so happy when won the biggest loser.i think you are so pretty,an, i think you need to be happy an,was glad when you an your mom worked out all thebad stuff.she really looked nice too. have a happy marriage

reviewprincess says:

Seriously? What’s wrong with a size 20 wedding dress….let’s not forget where you came from- would he have loved you any less? sheesh.

Monica Tijerina says:

Congrats Michelle!! Your really deserve all the happiness they will come to you…Michelle you have motivated me so much. I carry your magazine with me everywhere I go cause I know and seen that you lost all that weight I know I can do it…I want to know more about what you ate from morning t0 dinner and what type of workouts did you do and how many times a week…Hope to hear from you soon…

dorace says:

Be careful! 4 months is a short period of time to know someone and then become engaged. Make sure he proves he is worthy… and protect your winnings. I know it is not all about money but this day and age you can’t be too careful. You should take a little longer and get to know him before making a committment. Dont forget PRE-NUP!!!

Cindy Hillen says:

Congradulations Michelle on loosing all that weight and for going on and winning on the biggest looser. I was hoping you would win through out the entire show. I had great faith on you winning. You look really great and now that you are engaged thats even more wonderful. You keep up the great work and again congradulations to you and your mom!

Becky says:

Michelle, you are beautiful! And to the other posts, no one wants to be a SIZE 20. I am a size 5 and WISH I could be a ZERO! So Keep up the good work and continue to stay healthy!!!

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