Blood Orange and Raspberry Sorbetto Mimosas Make Waiting for Spring a Little Easier

Well friends, we’ve thawed out from the polar vortex and now my attention is firmly fixed 21 days from now. Groundhog Day. Please don’t see the shadow little guy; this girl is ready for spring!

An early, warm spring filled with brunches on patios and showers with friends and mimosas.

sorbet mimosas

These won’t be any ordinary mimosas, though. Oh, no sir! Or ma’am!

These will be fizzy, bubbling flutes of Sorbetto Mimosas.

Leave your juice behind. Even fresh-squeezed has nothing on creamy Talenti sorbetto floating around in that suspended little bubble dance.

You can use any flavor you like. In fact, a few flavor options — like Talenti’s mango, lemon, or even strawberry gelato — at a baby or wedding shower will make your mimosa bar the most memorable of the season!

raspberries and raspberry sorbet

We can’t get enough of Talenti’s Roman Raspberry – tart and sensual. The color is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, which is pretty appetizing if you eat with your eyes.

blood oranges and blood orange sorbet

The Blood Orange flavor is refreshing and indulgent, with a bolder flavor, not to mention more striking color, than your standard orange.

As if these mimosas didn’t already sound too good to be true, but completely good enough to drink, we manage to make this mimosa adorable, too.

No spoons, no ice cream scoops – ladies, grab your melon ballers!

sorbet mellon baller

Just three little scoops of sorbetto with your melon baller yields two tablespoons, about the same as a small ice cream scoop, but it looks so much cuter in the glass than an otherwise big frozen blob!

Then drench the sorbetto in champagne, or your favorite sparkling wine, and watch the sorbetto balls and champagne bubbles start their drunken little tango in the glass.

mimosas sorbet

After swooning, start sipping!

For the Blood Orange option, the calories were 142. For the Roman Raspberry, the calories for one glass were 137 with the added bonus of almost 2 grams of fiber.

sorbetto mimosas

Sorbetto Mimosas
serves 1


2 Tbsp. sorbetto, choice of flavors

1/2 cup champagne or sparkling wine

fresh berries, mint, or fruit for garnish


1. Using a melon baller, make 3 scoops of the sorbetto of your choice. Drop in a champagne flute.

2. Pour the champagne over the sorbet. Serve immediately with your choice of fresh garnish.


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Recipe by Brandi Koskie; Photos by Kacy Meinecke

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