Bobby Returns to the Biggest Loser Ranch, but Contestants Decide it’s Time for Tumi to Go – Elimination Interview

Last night, The Biggest Loser returned from a long holiday break. We noticed Bob is still proudly sporting his porn ‘stache, and we finally learned which contestant earned a spot back on the ranch – Bobby! Unfortunately, the dreaded yellow line also appeared for the first time this season, pitting Tonya against Tumi. Ultimately, the players decided it was Tumi Oguntala’s time to leave.

Tumi - white team

How did she feel about her former teammates voting her out, and how is she getting ready for the upcoming Biggest Loser finale? We spoke with Tumi this afternoon and asked a few questions about her departure.

DIR: How Did you feel about the yellow line coming in to play, pitting you against Tanya, and your former teammates’ decision to vote you off?

Tumi: “Well – pause – to be honest, I was hoping for a little team solidarity. I’m disappointed but there are no hard feelings. Let’s just say, what happens on the ranch stays on the ranch.”

DIR: Do you think they considered you a threat?

Tumi: “Look, I knew the social politics would be hard for a nerdy girl like me. I’ve always seen myself as an intellectual couch potato so the fact that these people voted me off is a compliment and an honor to the work I’ve put in.”

DIR: How much weight have you lost since leaving the ranch?

Tumi: “Let me tell you how much I’ve lost overall. It’s a good number. My total weight loss is 166 pounds.”

How She’s Keeping The Pounds Off at Home

Tumi admits that her biggest transition since leaving the ranch has been trying to find ways to mimic her intense workouts. “I have a crazy-busy job where I travel at a moment’s notice,” she explained. “Now I belong to three different gyms in my hometown so I can always find one open. When I travel, I book hotels with on-site fitness centers and in-room refrigerators.”

Tumi’s Favorite Workouts 

  • Running – “Right now that’s my most efficient calorie-burn,” she said.
  • Zumba
  • Strength-Training

After she returned home last year, Tumi immediately set out to find a gym (or 3) she could join to keep up with her four-six hour daily exercise regimen. During the first week, she met an aerobics instructor. The woman didn’t know who Tumi was, but they became fast friends. Now, the two women run each morning and she’s enjoying having a workout buddy again. At least this one can’t vote her off the island.


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