Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson is Pregnant

Tracy Anderson has become famous for creating the Tracy Anderson Method as well as her superstar client roster. Anderson has trained and toned the bodies of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courteney Cox, Gisele Bundchen and Julianne Hough. Now, Tracy will be focusing on taking care of her own body as she prepares to welcome a baby with her husband, Matt Mogol. Tracy and Matt were married in September and are expecting their child to be born in May. Tracy also has a 13-year old son named Sam from a previous marriage. Tracy has helped her celebrity clients get their bodies in shape for movie roles, special events and she has helped them get their bodies back after having a baby.

Fittingly, Tracy Anderson has created a post-pregnancy workout. Famous trainers like Anderson have the same sort of goals as the rest of us when it comes to pregnancy weight gain. Tracy gained 50 pounds during her first pregnancy, so she will likely be monitoring her diet and fitting in some exercise to avoid gaining too much weight this time around. Some guidelines for a healthy diet during pregnancy include eat a variety of healthy foods, increase your calorie consumption by about 100 calories per day during the last six months of pregnancy and increase key vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. Getting those key nutrients can be done through a prenatal vitamin you have discussed with your doctor along with also incorporating more foods that contain vitamins A, C, B6, B12, folate, calcium and iron.

Exercising throughout pregnancy can also offer many benefits, provided you’ve received clearance from your doctor. Doing something as simple as swimming, water aerobics, walking or Pilates can help you feel better, prepare your body for the birthing process and allow you to regain your pre-pregnancy body more quickly. With Tracy Anderson’s background in fitness, she will likely be fitting in some workouts while she’s waiting for the baby to arrive. Having a healthy pregnancy is not limited to celebrities or personal trainers. Using the right tools will help Tracy and other pregnant women keep their bodies healthy as they prepare for delivery and life after the baby arrives.

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