Coleen and other Biggest Losers on Larry King Live

Larry King got some love from some of Biggest Losers’ favorite contestants last night, including our very own Coleen Skeabeck! The evening talk show welcomed trainers Bob and Jillian into the studio to discuss their views on the contestants and the work they do. Larry even asked about the fit Bob throws on tonight’s episode of Biggest Loser.

Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper

Biggest Loser trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper

Coleen and her father Jerry were remote from Cleveland, and talked about how the show changed their lives. They both look fantastic, and talked about how they continue to manage their health. Of course, you can catch Coleen every week right here!

Larry also had live visits from recent winner Michelle and new fiance Micah, as well as season five winner Ali and her mom Bette-Sue. They also heard from season three winner Erik Chopin, who has gained back more than 100 pounds since his win. See the entire Larry King interview now.

2 Responses to Coleen and other Biggest Losers on Larry King Live

Heather K says:

I watched this interview and the most interesting thing that I got from it was that the contestants still have access to Bob and Jillian (via e-mail or phone). Why didn’t Erik call or write when the weight started to creep back up? I know I would have. I think Bette Sue said it best. Being a food addict is like being an alcoholic. You can stop drinking but you need food to survive. I wish Erik all the best on his journey to better his life. He needs a support system though. I hope he gets help and stays health this time.

sarah says:

my heart went out to Erik. His story was so inspiring! it is very hard to admit defeat when gaining weight after such a great loss. i hope he is able repeat his previous success!

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