Destination Fit Offers Fitness Pros a Shot at Fortune and Fame

There’s no easy way to sum up Destination Fit, the new venture from David Norton, a former producer of several seasons of The Biggest Loser and the Miss Universe pageant, among other large-scale happenings. But the closest way to describe the venture might be along the lines of “American Idol for the fitness industry.”

Destination Fit

In short, Norton’s goal is to help bring obscure but talented fitness instructors into the spotlight.

So how, exactly, does Destination Fit work? Workout pros with all sorts of backgrounds—from Pilates to bootcamp to indoor cycling—are invited to upload a full-length workout as an audition tape. They compete for votes against all of the other trainers who submit videos; when 12,000 total votes are cast the round is over and a winner is named.

What’s in it for the winner of each round? Not only do they receive a check for $5,000, they also get to choreograph and star in a multiple-DVD 90-day workout series (a la P90X) that will be distributed nationwide. What’s more, they also get a significant cut of the sales (20% vs. somewhere in the single digits) and have a pretty good chance of becoming a celebrity trainer.

Votes for Destination Fit cost $5 a pop—there are big discounts on purchasing multiple votes, including a reduced price for the resulting workout, which will likely retail for somewhere between $100 and $200. Full rules for auditioners are on the site.

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