Ellen’s obvious weight loss tip

When Ellen De Generes learned that Oklahoma City was listed as one of the fattest cities in the nation, with a 28% obesity rate, she made one very simple and seemingly obvious suggestion to the city’s mayor to help the problem. “Wouldn’t it be fun if he was just asking them to move?” joked Ellen.

Fortunately for the citizens of Oklahoma City, Ellen’s plan of relocation will not go into effect. However, Mayor Mick Cornett’s plan will- a challenge to the city to lose one million pounds. January 1 the city launched its weight loss initiative “this city is going on a diet.” To date, those registered on the site have lost more than 9,000 pounds. It’s a long way from the one million pound goal, but one the mayor anxiously supports in both launching the challenge and making the city more exercise friendly. OKC has 300 miles of sidewalks planned and adding 47 new gyms to area grade schools. Before leaving, Mayor Cornett named Jan. 26 Ellen day in Oklahoma City.

Do you  know who was also on Ellen today? Biggest Loser’s WHITE TEAM!! Neill and Amanda were part of what was shaping up to be a Sooner state day on the show. They were all smiles and looked fantastic! Neill’s lost 30 pounds since leaving the show, a total of 55, with 170 to go to meet his goal of 190. A lot of numbers in there, so keep up with me! Amanda has lost another 26 since leaving Biggest Loser, a total of 45, with 39 to go to meet her goal of a sexy-thin 120 pounds! They feel more successful than back at the ranch because it’s part of their daily routine, in their environment and it’s not as extreme. Plus, they have the support of their family. How about this? They continue to workout two to three hours each day. Great job guys!

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