Exercise Takes Nothing Away From Your Family

On this week’s episode of The Biggest Loser, Joe Messina left the ranch, claiming that he missed his family too much and needed to be home.

What many people don’t realize is that if they don’t take time to exercise and live their healthiest lives possible, they won’t need to worry about being there for their families. They simply won’t be there at all.

Harsh words, but true. Being overweight and out of shape can be a fast track to an earlier death.

Instead of focusing on how much time exercise takes away from the family, switch that mindset around and see how much time you can spend with your family in a productive, healthy way. Here are some of our staff’s favorite ways to include exercise and healthy living while spending time together with those you love most.

Kelly Turner, Blog Editor, says, “My boyfriend and I try to make a gym date together at least once a week then always go for a smoothie afterward, since talking at the gym is often hard to do. It let’s us spend some quality time together out of the house and is a good way to hold each other accountable.”

Brandi Koskie, Director of Publishing, shares her exercise time with her little girl. “We just play. Every night after dinner is ‘Paisley’s time’ and we dance, we chase, we ‘hop like a bunny’ (as she says), climb, roll, and if the weather’s nice enough we take it to the front yard or the park.”

And, finally, a quote from someone who has been through life on The Biggest Loser ranch and knows firsthand what it’s all about – Olivia Ward, winner of Season 11 of The Biggest Loser. “A healthy lifestyle boils down to a simple choice. The more good choices you make the larger the ripple effect you will see and have on others. Hannah and I have seen that first hand in our own family and we couldn’t be more proud.”

As for me? I enjoy training Muay Thai boxing with my kids, and as a result, three in the family have made their black belts. I also try to go for a 4-5 mile walk with my husband a couple of times a week because it gives us time to catch up and chat about the family, while getting some good exercise in as well.

Spending time with your family is an absolute necessity. Consider a family play night if jumping in to family workouts is too much too soon. Being the very best you that you can be is also a necessity. Combine the two, and your entire family will reap the benefits, most likely for years to come!

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