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twitter dietsinreviewYes, we’re doing it, too! There are a number of ways to keep up and interact with, and Twitter is one of them. We love tweeting because it helps us stay connected with our readers and fans in a unique and personal way.

We’ll tweet to you and hope that you’ll tweet back at us!

Follow on Twitter and watch for:

  • Tweet of the day with health, fitness, weight loss and well-being tips. It’s 140 characters worth of simple ways you can make small, effective changes.
  • Breaking news from our diet blog. Who’s losing, who’s winning, and what’s new.
  • New release Tuesdays featuring that day’s health and weight loss book releases with our review.
  • Giveaway announcements for a variety of health and fitness products.
  • Healthy recipes for a specific dish or for a special event, like the holidays or tailgating.
  • Retweets to other health-minded individuals we think worth following.

Plus, we do see when you tweet questions or comments our way and will shoot a response back! Twitter @dietsinreview is one of the fastest, easiest and most fun ways to stay connected with!

For a sample, here’s a look at some of our most recent tweets:

  • We like this! One of our readers is setting goals in 10s for 2024. 10 pounds lost… 10 minute walk at lunch… 10 glasses of water…
  • We’re giving away another Biggest Loser Prize Pack! RT or sign-up for our Biggest Loser newsletter to win by 1/5/10.
  • Cooking at home is a surefire way to control ingredients, portion control and your wallet.
  • Breaking News: @AmandaArlauskas Joins as Biggest Loser Correspondent for season nine!
  • New Release Tues Cook Yourself Thin Fastr Belly Fat Cure Serotonin Power Diet
  • Those who exercise to music, work-out longer and harder. Sync up your favorite tunes to your MP3 player and get moving!

We’ll see you on Twitter!

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