Finding Fitness Saved Torrie Wilson From her Eating Disorder

Alex Rodriguez went public with his girlfriend Torrie Wilson, star of the WWE at Tuesday’s Lakers game in L.A.

With more male celebrities coming forth with wrestling divas (George Clooney is currently dating wrestling bombshell Stacy Keibler) it seems like waif thin arm candy is out and fit, toned physiques are in. Wrestling is a killer workout that can give a feminine figure some serious cuts. You have to be pretty strong to body slam someone through a table.

Imagine the confidence it takes to perform in tiny string bikinis in front of thousands of screaming fans in a wrestling ring. Or scaling a 10 foot wall in a Military-style competition to earn the title of Ms. Galaxy. You would think Wilson was the most confident chick in the world, but it wasn’t always so.

Wilson isn’t shy about discussing her eating disordered past. She admits that she was once anorexic, and then later turned bulimic. It became so bad that she landed in the hospital. In fact, it was her eating disorder that inspired her to enter the Ms. Galaxy competition. By overcoming her disease and falling in love with fitness, she has become a respected face in the fitness industry.

“I thought a fitness competition would be a great way for me to get started in that lifestyle giving me a goal to work towards,” she said. After a stint in modelling that she says fueled her eating disorder, she entered her first fitness competition at the age of 21. “I think everyone goes through a period in their life they try to be something they’re not. I was trying to be a supermodel and there’s very few people on this earth that can look like that without worrying about what they eat. I had an athletic body to begin with and that’s my forte. I just needed to go with the flow and become one with who I really am.”

Torrie has had a successful competitive career and became a famous face on the circuit. She works for  MuscleTech who produce fat burners and meal supplements. As for herself, Torrie follows the Zone Diet. She is not a fan of low-carb, especially if you want to burn fat. “I don’t think it’s healthy. After one week of no carbs, all I do is dream of carbs. Carbs give you energy. If you don’t have enough energy to get to the gym to work out, what’s the point?”

While some may disapprove of her relationship with famous cheater A Rod, or perhaps the work she has done for Playboy, she is definitely an inspiration when it comes to health and fitness.