Fitness And Health Video Clips that Just May Change Your Life

Some fitness and health shorts may actually motivate you to take action. I can’t help but follow along when Jillian Michaels teaches Ellen new moves; Mandy Ingber’s 4-minute yoga routine makes my triceps burn; and watching the step-by-step instructions for making a (healthy!) bacon, egg, and, cheese stuffed donut is enough to make my stomach growl, even if I don’t actually make a dozen myself.

But there’s another type of inspiring exercise and wellness video out there that’s perhaps even more touching and life-altering: The kind that shares new perspectives, success stories, and hope. Here are some of our favorites, which cover everything from longevity to popping and locking.

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Nilofer Merchant talks about how walking meetings can burn calories—and change your perspective:

Karen X. Cheng learns to dance in a year—and recorded her progress:


AJ Jacobs talks about how adopting dozens of healthy behaviors in a year was a lot harder than it sounds: 


Dan Buettner takes on the secrets to longevity:


Christopher McDougal, the Author of “Born to Run” discusses—you guessed it—running: 


Dr. David Katz explains how to rehabilitate your tastebuds to crave healthy wholesome foods:


A wounded former Paratrouper transforms his health with yoga:



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