Food Journals Key to Weight Loss

So, you want to lose weight this year? If you are one of the millions resolving to shed pounds in 2023, consider a food journal as a part of your strategy. Expert have long touted the power of journaling. This may be in the form of writing down your thoughts to get a deeper understanding of what makes you tick. But experts are particularly fond of the idea of keeping tack of what you eat and drink on a daily basis.

“Keeping a food diary is like exercise; it will always help you lose [weight] if you do it consistently,” says Dr. Christopher J. Mosunic, a weight management and diabetes specialist at Greenwich Hospital in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Experts have found that dieters who journal their food intake are more successful because it shows a willingness to acknowledge their eating habits. Being able to visualize the food and the accompanying calories really clears up any possible confusion over why a person is ether gaining weight or having trouble losing it.

If you’re working with a dietitian or another health expert, journaling will greatly help them in their efforts to guide you into better eating habits.

“One of the key behaviors we can identify and address is how binge eating happens,” Mosunic said. “You can see by looking at something as simple as what people ate for breakfast, why their blood glucose goes low and they end up binge-eating in the afternoon.”

(via: US News & World Report)

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