Four Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

By Jessie Gorges

Stepping on the scale and still not liking what you see? It could be that you’re unknowingly making common errors in your new-found diet plan. Check out these four misconceptions that dieters think will help with weight-loss but, in reality, are ineffective and often detrimental.

You avoid the foods you love: Deprivation diets don’t work, at least not for long. You can still eat chocolate and you can still put a slice of cheese on your sandwich. The key to eating these commonly-craved foods is eating them in moderation. Have a couple of fun-size Snickers bars to solve your chocolate craving, and relegate your sandwich to only one slice of cheese instead of two.

You think all fats are bad: Sure, large chocolate-chip cookies and Big Macs contain bad fat. However, almonds and fatty fish, like tuna and salmon, contain healthy fats. Choose a tuna melt over a greasy cheeseburger and opt for a handful of almonds instead of a handful of potato chips.

You think just going to the gym will do the trick: If you’re a personal trainer or professional athlete, this may be true. However, most of us have less than a couple of hours a day to spend at the gym, meaning we have to change our eating habits as well. It could be as simple as eating a little less, or maybe you need to switch out those fast-food meals for something light and healthy.

You’re not sleeping: Lack of sleep makes your body produce cortisol, a fat storing hormone, and your body burns fat while in deep sleep. So be sure to get at least seven hours of quality sleep a night. If you struggle to sleep for various reasons ranging from a worn out mattress to stress from work, you need to find what is keeping you up at night, and correct it.

Via The Huffington Post

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