Fran Drescher Campaigns to Get Carcinogens Out of Household Products

Fran Drescher, herself a uterine cancer survivor, has launched a new campaign to get cancer-causing chemicals out of homes and banned from manufacturing. Drescher points out that these chemicals are in all kinds of household products, from cleaning to body products. So, as part of her Cancer Smhmancer Movement, she’s created “Trash Cancer,” an initiative to help promote awareness about everyday toxins.

She’s inviting everyone to “trash cancer” by not buying products that contain formaldehyde, triclosan or BPA. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen that is found in many disinfectants, air fresheners and other cleaning supplies. Triclosan is an anti-microbial product used in many “antibacterial” producfran drescher campaignts, however it has been linked to skin problems, thyroid disruption and cancer. BPA is a toxic chemical found in food packaging such as cans and plastics. It imitates hormones, leading to health problems such as thyroid issues, heart disease, obesity, autism and sexual dysfunction.

On the campaign’s site,, users can look up products to see if any contain toxins. It also provides consumers with a list of products that are toxin free to replace items with concerning ingredients, in addition to recipes to make safe cleansers at home.

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