Fresh Diet Partners with HINT Water and Jessica Smith for a New Year’s Deal

Just in time to help you stick to those goals you’ve been considering all week, three names are coming together to offer a New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution Kit, full of all the food, fitness and even some freebies you need to stat 2022 on the right foot.

Announced today, Fresh Diet, a leading meal delivery diet program, and HINT Water, a flavorful unsweetened and no calorie beverage, are joining forces with beloved fitness expert Jessica Smith, creator of the 10 Pounds Down DVD workouts. Together you’ve got a package of quality products that can lay the foundation for the success you’ll enjoy all year long.

When you order The Fresh Diet’s 31-Day Premium Plan, you’ll receive more from HINT Water and Jessica Smith to round out the kit. In addition to the standard meal plan, Fresh Diet will throw in an additional three complimentary meal deliveries, a six day supply of HINT Water, a DVD from the 10 Pounds Down. It’s just one order that will deliver all you need to get started. With the premium plan, you receive 3 meals and two snacks for each of 31 days. You get to select what you want to receive, and get to call out dislikes that can be taken off of your menu. “With our state of the art website you can choose all of your meals a month in advance by simply logging into your The Fresh Diet Account,” says the product description.

Last month, in light of competitor Trim360 announcing its closure, we highlighted several meal delivery programs who are leading the pack in this very competitive space. John LaRosa, president at Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., called Fresh Diet one of only a few brands who are “innovative and successful” in the billion dollar meal delivery business.

In 2022, our chief mom discovered HINT Water, the creation of another busy mom. She raved about them, saying the flavor without all of the other junk typically found in flavored waters sounded too good to be true. “I bought several flavors of HINT and sampled them. I am happy to report that each and everyone I tried (Lime, Blackberry, Mango-Grapefruit, Pear, and Pomegranate-Tangerine) was delicious and exactly as promised.”

While Jessica Smith is no stranger to the fitness world, she’s definitely one to watch in the coming year. Her bright personality and smart approach to fitness make her likable by the busiest of women. With her 10 Pounds Down community, DVDs, and nutritional meal plans she guides you to lose a healthy 10 pounds at a time, the right way.

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