Gastric Bypass Surgery Patient Shocked to Learn Weight Loss Was Due to Diet and Exercise

How would you feel if you just spent your entire life savings on gastric bypass surgery only to realize that you were actually losing weight the old fashioned way, through diet and exercise?

The following story is a tale of will power and faith, as it is a classic example that what we believe, we can achieve.

Karren Knight, mother of two from Cheshire, England one day decided she was going to get a gastric band tied around her stomach, as no other method of weight loss seemed to work for her. Trying several diets and exercise programs in the past, Knight could not lose weight. At nearly 200 pounds overweight, Knight realized she had to do something, or the quality of her life was going to continue to get worse.

Determined and believing that having a gastric band fitted to restrict her appetite would be a success, Knight followed the doctor’s orders to eat very little and got some exercise. Even thought Knight expressed that it was no easy feat to take her mind off of food, she remained loyal to her recommended eating schedule.

After complaining to her sister about her desire to eat, think about, and be obsessed with food, Knight decided to do something enjoyable to keep her mind off of her hunger. She found a Zumba class that was offered just down the road from where she lived, figuring it would be an easy way to keep attending because it was nearby, not to mention very fun.

Two years and several pounds later, Knight was very pleased at how the gastric band was working, or so she thought. After a follow up appointment, the doctor told her that the band had slipped off and it was not actually working at all. They both scratched their heads and asked each other how that was possible, until the light bulb went on in Knight’s head. “I thought surgery was an easy way to lose weight,” she said, “but I’ve discovered all it took was a bit of determination and finding some exercise I enjoyed.”

Weight loss happens when the number of calories ingested is less than the number of calories expended. Whether it’s through gastric bypass surgery, an increase in exercise, cutting back on the milkshakes, or a sustainable combination of a healthy diet and an exercise program that is fun, the weight will come off.

Although Knight opted to have the gastric band refitted, her story reminds us that our will, determination and faith are all very important factors in reaching our weight loss goals.

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