Great Idea: Take Video Selfies to Stick with a Goal

New Year’s resolutions often come in with a bang and go out with a soft thud. But maybe that’s because we’re all too focused on the end goal. If meeting a resolution was more about the journey—not the checkmark upon completion—perhaps we’d all be a little more committed.


A new company called 100 is hoping to help people enjoy and appreciate the steps, hours, and attempts it take to reach a goal. The idea is simple: You establish a goal then each day you upload a ten-second video of yourself practicing said goal to the 100 website. (These videos can be private or public.) At the end of 100 days you’re able to upload a full minute of video to really highlight what you’ve been able to accomplish over the past weeks. When you glance back at where you started and see how far you’ve come, you just may decide to commit to another 100-day goal.

Not all goals are a good fit for this format. For example, if one of your goals is to run a 5k, you may not be able to document 100 practice sessions leading up to the race. But, for things like mastering a new skill, completing a large project, or even fitting back into a certain pair of pants, this multimedia journaling can be great motivation.

Tapped for ideas? If you’re a yogi you might want to perfect your balance in half-moon pose; if you run you might want to improve your flexibility. You may also want to think outside the health and fitness box and set a goal of learning a new language or instrument. With these sorts of resolutions you’ve got a clear start—usually a pretty raw attempt at said skill—and a clear finish, which is mastery of the goal (or at least improved proficiency).

Uploading these en-route-to-a-goal videos may help you stay committed to your resolutions—posting videos regularly keeps you accountable—and they’re a fun way to track your growth, not just focus on the end result. So pick a resolution to stick with then document it. We’ll be looking for a lot of checkmarks come April!


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