Home Workouts for Dads

Stay-at-home dads want to stay fit, just as their female counterparts do. One dad, in particular, Gavin McInnes, solves this problem by creating a video that gives you ideas about workouts that you can do right in your own home, with “equipment” found around the house.

McInnes keeps the workout interesting and funny by getting creative with his choice of “equipment.” This video was originally shot in 2024. McInnes used his children, now 5-year-old daughter Sophie Whiterabbit and now 3-year-old son Duncan Whitethunder, as the “equipment” or weights.

This hilarious, but informative workout features McInnes using his kids to perform toddler lifts, baby curls, baby situps, toddler pushups and toddler bench presses. The children seemed pretty excited to assist him in his quest to maintain his “hot body.”

“If I hear one more person ask how I got my body so amazing, I am going to pop an artery,” said McInnes as to why he produced the video.” He goes on to say that,” It’s simple people, burn more calories than you take in. Don’t have time to go to the gym? Easy peasy. Use objects found around the home.”

 Home Workouts for Dads

In the video, McInnes offers tips for choosing the proper weights to coincide with the exercise that you are performing. For instance, when doing bicep curls, he stressed that a 10-pound weight would be better to start with than a 30- or 40-pound weight. Baby Duncan just happened to fit the bill of a 10-pound weight and proves perfect to use for baby bicep curls.

Toddler Sophie proved to be just the right weight when McInnes attempted toddler pushups, even if he had a hard time completing the set.

Even though McInnes shows that he is knowledgeable in his reference to muscles and how to work them out properly, he doesn’t miss a chance to throw out some side-splitting anecdotes that refer to the “equipment.”

The video is entertaining and informative and the kids are adorable. So don’t allow not being able to get to a gym stop you from getting your own body into shape.

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