How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days

Losing weight is a difficult process and a huge commitment. There are three main things that go into losing weight. The most important is your diet, followed by cardiovascular training and weight training.lose weight

A simple way to lose weight is to cut carbohydrates and fat out of your diet, but you need carbohydrates to give you energy throughout the day. So, eat carbohydrates only in the morning to provide your body with energy through the day.

Second, you definitely need a diet high in protein to build and repair the muscle fibers that will be broken down during cardiovascular and weight training. I recommend doing at least a 30-minute cardiovascular training prior to breakfast every morning. This will jump start your metabolism and keep it up and running all day.

Next, stay active throughout the day and hit another 30-minute cardiovascular training before your weight training session. I recommend doing these in the evening to help burn “left-over” calories from the day and to keep your metabolism fired up through the night.

I also recommend breaking down each muscle group on different days (two muscle groups per day). The more lean muscle mass you gain from lifting weights the more calories you burn throughout the day.

Try to do this six days a week with no cheating!! I promise hard work and dedication will pay off. Below is a sample daily routine for you to follow. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day (64-90 ounces a day) and each protein shake should provide your body with the proper daily vitamins and nutrients.

Sample Routine:

6 A.M.                    30-45 minute cardiovascular training session

6:45 A.M.             Non-fat oatmeal, fruit, and water

10 A.M.                 Non-fat protein shake and water

1 P.M.                    Grilled chicken, green beans, and water

2 P.M.                   10-15 minute walk

5 P.M.                   Non-fat protein shake and water

6 P.M.                   30-45 minute cardiovascular training session followed by weight training

Monday/Thursday:           Chest/Biceps/Abs

Tuesday/Friday:                 Back/Triceps/Abs

Wednesday/Saturday:      Legs/Shoulders/Abs

7:30 P.M.           Grilled chicken, green beans, and water

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